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Wall & Window Inlets

Aereco humidity sensitive wall & window vents monitor air quality & adjust the open area according to humidity & occupancy. No electricity or ducting is required. They simply screw onto an existing window or wall ope

EHT 780 Wall vent

Easy installation on the wall with a 100mm or 125mm core. The Humidity sensitive strip adjusts the open area & a manual closing device can be used to limit heat lose on windy days.

EHT969 Wall vent with acoustic sleeve

The standard EHT 780 wall vent can be used along with an acoustic wall sleeve & external grill for added noise reduction

Airflow Controller

Designed to fit into a 100-110mm wall sleeve (wavin pipe), the ACW has a silicone flap that moves to reduce the opening size in windy conditions. No electricity or maintenance required

EMM Humidity sensitive window vent

The EMM is a humidity sensitive window vent that has been designed to limit noise transfer from outside. Its available in 3 colours & can be manually closed if required

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