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Air Distribution System

Manifold system

The air excellent system is a semi rigid, modular air distribution system for supply & extract of ventilation air. Two manifolds are placed between the HRV unit & the supply & extract points to ensure optimum air distribution. Each room has its own individual duct

  • Each room has an independent duct
  • No crosstalk between rooms
  • Additional rooms can be added in the future
  • System is easily balanced

Primary Ducting

The primary duct is installed between the HRV unit & the manifolds. In order to ensure low resistance Its generally 150mm  or 180mm in diameter. A mixture of rigid or flexible ducting can be used depending on the budget & where the ducting will be located. In general we avoid using flexible ducting anywhere that it might be damaged/crushed

Radial Ducting

The air excellent semi rigid ducting is suppliedin 50m rolls. This allows us to connect the manifolds to each room without the need for joints. This allows us to install ducting down stud walls & in ceiling voids

  • Available in 75mm & 90mm round
  • Oval duct also available
  • Smooth inner surface results in low air resistance
  • Anti static & anti bacterial properties
  • Non crushable duct
  • Can be cleaned

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