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Controls & Accessories

4 Position switch

The 4 position switch is the most basic control option. The airflows rate can be preset to each of the 4 settings. There is a led light to indicate when the filters need to be serviced

Brink Home / Air Control

The Brink Home app is available from the app store. This allows full control of the ventilation system from your pc, tablet or smartphone.

Enthalpy exchanger

The Enthalpy heat exchanger transfers part of the moisture in the exhaust air to the supplied outdoor air. This prevents excessive dehydration of the indoor air

CO2 sensor

Available on plus models, the sensor detects an increase in C02 levels & increases the ventilation rate accordingly

Relative Humidity sensor

The RH sensor detects a sudden rise in relative humidity in a room as a result of showering or cooking. The extract rates are then temporarily boosted


The use of post heaters is common in passive houses. The electric heater is placed in the supply air duct & will automatically heat the air being supplied into the home.

Digital controller

The digital controller provides full diagnostics & control of the HRV unit. This is especially convenient if the HRV unit is located in an awkward area such as an attic space. Information such as air flow rates, internal & external air temperatures & error messages can be viewed. The bypass function, RH sensor & 7 day programmer can also be set from the controller.

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