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Efficient Homes

It is almost impossible for a person to judge the correct level of ventilation needed, or for what duration its required. With ventilation only provided by open windows, wall vents, & intermittent bathroom extractors the amount of air renewal is either too or too high. This leads to under ventilation at times & excessive heat loss at other times (especially in windy conditions).

Traditional inefficient ventilation

  • Opening windows in winter to clear condensation
  • Bathroom extractors running but unable to extract air due to poor ductwork
  • Excessive ventilation through wall vents on windy days
  • Relying on wind pressure to bring air in through wall vents
  • Blocked wall vents due to excessive airflow
  • Bathroom fans running when there’s no demand

Opening one window for 10 minutes in winter = €0.82*

* Based on the average domestic gas price of 6c per KW/h with an efficiency of 85%, with an internal temperature of 21°C and with normal weather conditions

A good ventilation system will ensure adequate fresh air without losing excessive heat. Some systems will monitor the air quality and adjust the level of ventilation accordingly whilst others can recover the heat as it is being extracted & return it to the house along with fresh incoming air.

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