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Asthma / Allergies

Dust mites & their droppings are one of the main contributors to asthma attacks & eczema.

When we come into contact with dustmites or breath them in they can cause allergic reactions. Along with asthma & eczema other symptoms such as watering eyes, itching, sneezing & a runny nose are all common.

Dust mites rely on moisture in the air to survive. This means that if there are high levels of relative humidity then they can thrive. By installing a ventilation system, the humidity levels are maintained to ideal levels, dust mite number will be reduced. Unfortunately there will always be some dust mites in every house & there are other ways to limit their numbers

How to reduce allergies

  • Ventilate rooms to maintain ideal humidity levels
  • Use a filtered ventilation system to cut down on dust
  • Reduce the number of items that dust can build up on
  • Limit the amount of soft furnishings in bedrooms (soft toys etc)
  • Wash fabrics at a minimum of 60degrees
  • Replace pillows regularly
  • Replace carpets with timber/tiled flooring

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